• Estate Planning

    We cover Estate Planning in the following areas:Conservatorships, GuardianshipsDecedents' EstatesFinancial Powers of AttorneyMedical Power of Attorney / Patient Advocate DesignationName ChangesProbate / Probate AvoidanceWills & Trusts

  • Avvo Answers

    I am an Avvo contributor.  Here are a few of my answers to questions asked by people who are looking for help:<a href="">Get my answers to legal questions at</a> 

  • Markle vs. Markle

    Recent Family Law Developments Case: Markle v. Markle (Unpublished) [click links for full text] Decided: August 14, 2007 Facts: Plaintiff filed his complaint for divorce and petition for temporary custody of the children in Michigan on May 28, 2003, but omitted the affidavit required by the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA). The Van Buren Friend of the Court mailed plaintiff forms on June 2, 2003 to rectify the omission.

  • What is Paternity & How is it Established?

    What is paternity? Establishing paternity means determining that the biological father of a child that is born out of wedlock is in fact the legal father. How is paternity established?

  • Factors in Determining Parenting Time

    Michigan statutes recognize that when parents separate or divorce, their children’s best interests are served by continuation of the parent/child relationship. So strong is this recognition that the law establishes a presumption that it is in the best interests of a child to have strong relationships with both parents. Therefore, parenting time should be of a frequency, duration and type reasonably calculated to promote a strong relationship between the child and the parent.

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