"You guys are awesome! By my calculations, you saved me $41,000, plus you kept me from having to pay alimony or give up half of my pension. I was able to make a clean break and not relive the pain of the divorce by having to write an alimony check every month. I can now move on with the next chapter of my life. Thanks a lot, you both are great lawyers. Rest assured I will recommend you to others."


"I was pleased that you had thought of details that I would have overlooked in regards to parenting time."


"Tim, Thank you so much for everything you did for me to achieve this divorce for me. It truly was one of the most difficult things I've been through in my life. But you tenacity and constant pushing is what got me what I needed. Thank you for your care and concern for my daughter and I. I won't forget it!"


"Maybe not all clients send their attorney a Christmas card, but maybe they're not as appreciative as I am. Along with my thanks, I want to wish you a blessed Christmas. My daughter and I are doing very well and we hope you are too."


"I was impressed with your quick responses to my phone calls. That was important to me in an emotional time!"


"The divorce started a new chapter in my life. I'm so excited to move on with happiness, laughter, and peace in my heart. Oh! and to rake in my alimony for 5 years! Ha! Ha! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!"


"Nothing good comes from a divorce, but you advised me honestly, thoughtfully, and correctly throughout the entire process. You are a paragon to your profession. I would certainly feel comfortable recommending you to anyone."


"Carl, thank you for your calmness and supportive words of wisdom when it was needed. Lexi, thank you for your never-ending kindness and smiling face that meant so much when my world was falling apart. In the last 9 months, you all have played a role in helping me to become a stronger, more confident woman and mother!"


"You really pissed my ex off! Well done!"


"Thank you for your services. You assisted me when I was at a terribly difficult period of my life, gave me sound advice, and helped me get a grip on what was happening. Thank you."


"Carl, you were great. I would recommend you to anybody. Thanks for all your help."


"You were very courteous and very friendly. You made me feel comfortable."


"All the bases were covered thoroughly and quickly. You were very professional and yet very personable. I felt at ease at all times--thank you!"


"You put in your best efforts and came out with excellent results. Thank you!"


"Thank you so much for the work you've been doing . . . I will never forget your help and kindness."


"I want to thank you and express my sincere appreciation for the help and sage advise you provided during my divorce. Admirable attorneys, like you, sometimes get lumped into a stereotype that makes it an oxymoron to use the adjective 'admirable' to describe an attorney. However, your character and caring personality were an unexpected bonus that helped me and my children during a disconsolate time."


"Thank you for putting me at ease and making me feel comfortable."


"You are very courteous and professional--more than other attorneys."


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