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  • Alimony in Michigan

    (see SPOUSAL SUPPORT).  People frequently ask me whether alimony was abolished in Michigan.  It's not: alimony is alive and well in Michigan. 

  • Seperate Maintenance

    Separate Maintenance - is filed in the same way and for the same grounds as divorce. In both separate maintenance and divorce, the court will divide property and debts, award custody of children, and set child and spousal support. At the conclusion of a separate maintenance case, a judgment is entered but the parties are still married.

  • Spousal Support

    Spousal Support (formerly alimony) is money to be paid in a divorce, separate maintenance, or annulment case by one spouse to the other for the support of the recipient spouse. Under Michigan case law, the court must consider eleven factors in determining whether (and in what amount) spousal support is to be awarded:Past relations and conduct of the parties (fault).Length of the marriage.Ability of the parties to work and their respective incomes.Source and amount of property awarded to the part...