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  • Child Support in Michigan

    CHILD SUPPORT - is money to be paid by a parent for the care, custody, and maintenance of a child. Child support calculations must be based on the Michigan Child Support Formula.

  • Custody

    CUSTODY - the care and control of a minor child awarded by the court to a parent (or both parents for joint custody) in a case for divorce, separate maintenance, annulment, or paternity. Legal custody gives a parent the right of access to a child's medical and educational information, along with the right to make medical and educational decision regarding the child. Physical custody refers to who a child lives with.

  • Seperate Maintenance

    Separate Maintenance - is filed in the same way and for the same grounds as divorce. In both separate maintenance and divorce, the court will divide property and debts, award custody of children, and set child and spousal support. At the conclusion of a separate maintenance case, a judgment is entered but the parties are still married.

  • Shared Economic Responsibility Formula (SERF)

    Shared Economic Responsibility Formula (SERF) - when children spend substantial amounts of time with both parents, the Michigan Child Support Formula considers the child support recipient's expense savings. SERF may only be used if both parents annually care for the child a minimum of 128 overnights pursuant to the terms of a custody/parenting time order.Spousal Support (formerly alimony) is money to be paid in a divorce, separate maintenance, or annulment case by one spouse to the other for the...